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This blog said no.

Often we are approached by firms, brands and PR agencies with mostly the following sort of questions: “Can we send you “this” or “that” and are you willing to write something about that on your site and/or social media?”, “We love you blog and we want to give you the change to make some money in our affiliate program, would you like that?” or “We are so excited about this new “blabla” and we want you and your readers to be the first to get the whole story”. They expect an easy “yes, please” and are quite stocked if you first ask them some questions. Most of them don’t even bother to answer them.

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Blackadder Masterclass

Musselkanaal 10th of May 2016,
Today Robin Tucek and his son Michael Tucek are visiting The Netherlands for a Blackadder Masterclass hosted by Frans Muthert/Dramtime. Robin seems to travel around a lot and can be found in Japan for many weeks of the year. He lives in Stockholm from where he runs his Blackadder family business……

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Glenfarclas Day 2016

On the 14th of april (the 105th day of the year) Thijs Dijkstra organized a Glenfarclas day in his shop in Vlagtwedde. During the day he had various standard en special expressions on sale and every hour he raffled a bottle 105 amongst his customers. For this special occasion he invited Ian McWilliams from Glenfarclas to host a special masterclass at the end of the day.

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Scotch Whisky Transparancy

I don’t know if you already know about the campaign for transparency or that you have already signed the petition started by Compass Box whisky. For those of you who don’t what’s it all about: The good folks from Compass Box allowed me to copy their information here so that you can read it and hopefully agree and sign the petition form.
As far as we know Bruichladdich is the only distillery that openly declared to join and support this campaign.

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Highland Park Masterclass

Ter Apel, Tuesday 13 Oktober 2015.
Finally the day has come of the much anticipated Highland Park tasting with the Brand Ambassador Sietse Offringa. Thijs Dijkstra, from our local Liquor store “Bij Thijs”, organized this Masterclass on a very lovely location in Ter Apel. On the menu are the Highland Park 12YO, Dark Origins, 18YO and the complete Valhalla series of Highland Park. This promises to be a magical evening!

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The recipes for Flaming heart 5th edition and This is not a luxury whisky

29 oktober 2015 by David Tjeder,

This is a protest post. The Scotch whisky association has reprimanded Compass Box for sharing the recipes of their whiskies Flaming heart (5th edition) and This is not a luxury whisky. Compass Box has been forced to remove the detailed information about the ages of the different whiskies that make up the recipe from their website.

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