Review 597: Springbank 1995 20 Year

Last week we went to Germany for a tour and also to visit the Scoma store in Jever. I viewed their website many times and found that they had quite some interesting bottles and also had their own brand of independent expressions. After collecting several bottles the owner provided us with this sample. It was a nice visit en good experience.

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Review 504: Glen Scotia 1991

This is the 7th whisky of the 2nd edition (2016) of the Whisky ProefOlympics (tasting Olympics) a blind tasting competition based in The Netherlands. Yet again a new whisky for me. Again a new expression for me. But thats the fun of competitions like this: you get the change to taste something you haven’t had in you glass yet. BTW: I have tasted this blind. Well let’s see how this one performed in my glass.

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Review 499: Springbank 1996 19 Year

Today I visited the newest appointed Ardbeg Embassy in The Netherlands, Slijterij Frans Muthert in Musselkanaal. Aeilke Muthert welcomed me warmly and straight away offers me a dram to taste. Before I knew it there where 3 glasses in front of me of which this Springbank was the second. I didn’t know that at the time as Aeilke always offers me samples to taste blindly, just to keep it fair.

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Review 495: Longrow Red 12 Years

This is the first whisky of the 2nd edition (2016) of the Whisky ProefOlympics (tasting Olympics) a blind tasting competition based in The Netherlands. Never had the change to taste this before as I tend to avoid red wine cask matured whisky’s. That doesn’t seem to be my thing. BTW: I have tasted this blind. Well let’s see how this one performs in the glass.

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Review 460: Springbank 1997 17 Years

Time to taste another Springbank, this time it’s a 17 year old sherry wood expression of Springbank. For a sherry matured whisky the colour is fairly light. So I presume there are more refill than fresh fill sherry butt’s in the mix. Well let’s see what kind of sherry we find in this whisky, is it restrained or is it a sherry bomb?

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Review 429: Glen Scotia 12 Year

In the shop of Thijs Dijkstra are many bottles that are bottled yesteryear. Also this Glen Scotia in a dumpy bottle that was bottled +/- the early ’70’s or maybe ’80’s. I’m quite curious how this expression tastes.
Thijs poured me a glass to taste.

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Review 348: Glen Scotia 1992 18 Year

This is the second Glen Scotia I have in my tasting glass this week (the other one was the Glen Scotia Vitoriana). This time it’s one from Kintra Whisky and is a single cask from sherry hogshead number 141. Bottled at 52,6% this all natural extrusion looks great in the bottle.

This is still an old label from Kintra. Erik Molenaar recently announced the new look and design for his future expressions. Kintra Whisky selects, imports and exports the independent whisky bottlings for the Kintra Single Cask Collection. Next to that they also import the Golden Cask series, a series of single cask bottlings from the House of Macduff.

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Review 346: Glen Scotia Victoriana

Recently Glen Scotia started repackaging / relabeling their whisky’s this bottle has a total new look and feel to it. I’m happy they stept away from the overly coloured bottles where you could not see the contents.

The Victoriana is made with whisky drawn from casks specially selected by their master blender, finished in heavily charred oak casks and bottled at 51.5% ABV.

This is how Glen Scotia describes this whisky:
Each cask is chosen for its rare character and exceptional maturity. Finished in deep charred oak, the result is an exceptionally smooth single malt whisky whose aroma and flavour work in harmony.

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Review 318: Hazelburn 12 Year

Springbank is the only distillery in Scotland to regularly produce three different single malt whiskies – Springbank, Longrow and Hazelburn – using three different production methods. The production is split between the three throughout the year with roughly 80% of the time going to Springbank, 10% to Longrow and 10% to Hazelburn. Springbank is made in the lightly peated style, Longrow is heavily peated and Hazelburn is unpeated.

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Review 315: Springbank 12 Year CS

One of my favorite distilleries in Scotland is Springbank. I have always been charmed by their whisky and the craftsmanship they express. This 12 year old is an older sample, provided by my good friend Grégoire, I still had to taste but didn’t came round to it until yesterday.

Springbank is one of only two distilleries in Scotland to perform every step in the whisky making process, from malting the barley to bottling the spirit, on same premises: the other is Kilchoman Distillery who also grow their own barley.

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