Review 414: Glen Grant 1953 58 Year

Normale I wait a little with publishing my notes to do some more research on the bottle but this time I can’t wait. I’m too excited so I had to publish it.

Please note: This whisky made a huge shift in my rating system and now I have to re-rate all my whisky’s that I have tasted so far. If I would rate it according my current system I would almost certainly end up with a score like 12.9/10. Since that is a bit unrealistic I will score it but keep in mind all of my other ratings should be approximately 1.5 or 2.0 points lower after tasting this beauty.

A very big THANK YOU goes out to Joris for sharing this with me, thanks mate!

What they write about it:

La dégustation d’un single malt aussi âgé est toujours un moment empreint de solennité et de recueillement. Mais lorsque le whisky en question brille de maturité et de fraîcheur mélangées, cela relève tout simplement de l’apothéose. D’une certaine manière, ce Glen Grant 1953 force au respect et à l’humilité car il touche à ce qu’il y a de plus profond et de plus enfoui en nous, les souvenirs d’enfance.

Single Cask #2604 – Sherry Butt Edition limitée à 294 bouteilles Une exclusivité LMDW

The line:
The Book of Kells is a range by Scottish whisky specialists Gordon & MacPhail, which brings together its best whiskies and, since the 1970s, has generally been reserved for exclusive bottlings for a few long-standing customers, such as LMDW. The label of each bottle features a reproduction of an illumination from the famous 8th century manuscript, the Book of Kells. The illumination shows two people, ‘the Dram Takers”, sharing a glass. Hence the reason why the range is often referred to as the Dram Takers.

Distillery:Glen Grant Distillery
Location:Rothes, Morayshire
Water Source:Caperdonich Well
Stills:4 Wash stills
4 Spirit stills
Capacity:5.900.000 litres of pure alcohol per year

Expression:Glen Grant 1953 58 Year
Category:Single Malt
Bottled by:Gordon & MacPhail - Book of Kells for La Maison du Whisky
Age:58 Year
ABV (% Alc):47,9%
Non-chill filtered:Yes
Natural colour:Yes
Phenols (smoke):0 ppm on barley
Distillation date:1953
Bottle date:2012
Maturation:First Fill Sherry Butt
Cask number:2604
Bottle number:294 Bottles
Bottle content:70cl

Deep dark amber

An intense, concentrated, overwhelming and very complex whisky with aromas of sweet sherry, fino sherry, brown sugar, molasse, raisins, plums, orange peels, bitter orange marmalade, tangerine, rosewood, antique oak, sandalwood, brown rock sugar cookies, chestnut honey, varnish, antique polish, old leather chair, dates, sweet sulfur, dried flowers, creamy vanilla, burned caramel, apple syrup, cinnamon, allspice, curry leaves, ham, pepper, stale cellar, camphor, old books, bouquet garni, a Fixin Premier Cru wine, green walnuts, coffee liquor, licorice, incense, bitter chocolate, lime, star anise, tangerine leaves, tobacco, endless precious wood aromas, blackcurrant jam and much, much more.

A full, intense, concentrated, powerful and very complex whisky with aromas of tannins, oak, raisins,plums, fresh figs, apple pie, cinnamon, dates, sultanas, walnut, blackberries rich deep sherry, fino sherry, rosewood, sandalwood, cedar wood, old antique oak, creamy oak, roasted coffee, beans, old black tea, espresso, leather, old books, molasses, apple syrup, tar soap, restrained dryness, antique polish, garnish, beeswax, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, cumin, allspice, bayleaf, licorice root, rum, armagnac, bitter almonds, lemon liqueur, marzipan, orange peels, pink grapefruit, mocha, toffee, dark caramel, thick creamy vanilla, fresh ground black pepper, bitter mint chocolates and much, much more.

An endless, rich, complex and drying finish with aromas of bitter chocolate, butterscotch, sherry, dried fruits, sweet sulfur, sultanas (in all shapes and forms), dates, sticky toffee pudding, bitter coffee, earl gray tea, tannins, old oak and much, much more.

  • 9.7/10
    Smell: - 9.7/10
  • 9.6/10
    Taste: - 9.6/10
  • 9.6/10
    Finish: - 9.6/10


I feel very privileged to have tasted this old dram. The nose is like an pinball machine on a rollercoaster of complex aromas. Every time you think you smell something, something else is already presenting itself. This dram demands your full attention & dedication. I realize that I can impossibly do this dram justice with my inadequate tasting notes.
After the first sip the nose becomes sort of tamed and a beautiful rich balance of complex concentrated aromas appears. The finish is endless it keeps going on delivering rich bitter/sweet aromas and it just doesn’t seem to be willing to die.
This is a trip through a memory lane of old and rich aromas of days gone past.
What a beast! Is this the perfect dram?

Price to quality ratio: 39,67% (Telgen weighted factor score)

Telgen scoreAdvice
0% - 60%Extremely overpriced whisky - not worth buying!
60% - 70%Highly overpriced whisky - think about it
70% - 80%Too expensieve - do you really want it?
80% - 85%No bargain - taste before you buy!
85% - 90%Acceptable price to quality ratio
90% - 95%Good price to quality ratio - always good to stock-up on
95% - 100%Bargain! - Buy it before it is sold out!