Review 543: Colville Small Batch 5 Year

colvilleOn our latest tasting afternoon of the Whisky Club Groningen we started with this bourbon. One of our members has been on holiday to the U.S. and brought back this bottle with him to share whit his fellow members.

Lets find out how it performs in my glass.

What they write about it:

Just as the old Colville Bridge takes you on a journey back in time to the old Bourbon Country, Colville Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky submerges you into the earliest of all Bourbon traditions.

Build in 1877, the Colville Bridge is the only remaining covered bridge in Bourbon County, Kentucky, and one of the last 13 covered bridges in existence in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Surrounded for decades by the mystique of a ghostly presence within its walls, the bridge remains a must destination for ghost hunters and bourbon enthusiasts alike.

Distillery:Florida Caribbean Distillers
Location:Lake Alfred, Florida
Owner:Florida Caribbean Distillers LLC
Water Source:Unknown

Expression:Colville Small Batch 5 Year
Category:Kentucky Straight Bourbon
Bottled by:Florida Caribbean Distillers
Age:5 Year
ABV (% Alc):43%
Non-chill filtered:Unknown
Natural colour:Yes
Phenols (smoke):0 ppm on barley
Distillation date:N/a
Bottle date:N/a
Maturation:American white oak (Quercus alba)
Cask number:N/a
Bottle number:N/a
Bottle content:75 cl


A fresh dry and spicy whisky with aromas of ginger, vanilla, oak, cedarwood, hint os solvent tones, berries (mainly gooseberries), subtle licorice root, maple syrup, honey, subtle floral tones, pear, apple, hint of banana peals.

A powerful, spicy and sweet whisky with aromas of pepper, solvents, pear, licorice root, cedarwood, honey, vanilla (and loads of it), ginger cardboard, hint of cinnamon, tannins, bitter tea, caramel and oak.

A medium long and dry finish with aromas of tannins, honey, maple syrup, cedarwood and oak.

Well for a bourbon it is remarkably drinkable. I started of my whisky passion with bourbon’s, but nowadays I can’t seem to get over the solvent tones in bourbon. It always feels as if I’m drinking diluted nail polish remover with maple syrup.
All in all a drinkable bourbon.

What are your thoughts on the liquid in this bottle?


I opened a bottle (Colville small batch) of this tonight. After my first sip I quickly decided to pour it down the drain and move on to something more palatable. I found it to have exceedingly strong solvent tastes as well as a musty taste that reminded me of what mildew smells like. Personally I would not recommend this to anyone that i like.

Tim Pace

I brought a bottle of Colville Bourbon home a few months ago to test drive. I drank that 5th in 2 evenings. Since then, I’ve had several more. I just don’t understand why anybody who likes bourbon wouldn’t like Colville. No, it’s not top shelf but it’s good liquor and this old ass retiree can afford it.


I just bought me a bottle, and for the price it ain’t bad. I would buy again.

My rating of this dram: :

I tasted this last night in a bar. I must admit that it was rather moreish


You might need a taste bud checkup 😉


What a desastreus liquid! I tried it neat, with coke and ginger ale. But damn, this manages to ruin the cheap coke I had it with.
I could only give this a negative rating of -10 🙁