Review 625: Glenrothes 1997 16 Year

The 3rd Saturday of January the four of us came together to do a Glenrothes marathon tasting with 14 different expressions of Glenrothes (almost all from independent bottlers except for 1 bottle). Alas, we couldn’t taste them all 14 (but we managed 13) as of the time restrained we had due to public transport times. The last train out of my home town left at 01:00 so we had to make that. But apart from that we had a very interesting line-up, good food and a lot of fun.
Thanx mates for sharing!

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Review 612: Mystery Speyside 1966 46 Year

This undisclosed whisky is rumored to be from the Glenfarclas distillery. And this not being the traditional sherry cask makes me quite curious. This one has been maturing in an ex-bourbon hogshead and should produce quite the atypical Glenfarclas experience (if it is indeed a Glenfarclas). So let’s not waist any more time and find out how this mystery dram performed in my glass.

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Review 603: Mosstowie 1979 34 Year

Yesterday A friend and I went to Thijs Dijkstra in Vlagtwedde to buy some samples. Thijs is running a half marathon this year to run against girl trafficking and raise funds for safe houses in Greece. And to raise money he is selling samples of some old whiskies and branded whisky glasses. What a great way to support a good cause and make his customers happy with some rare samples. Chapeau Thijs!!

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Review 580: Linkwood 1990 19 Year

On one of my shopping trips in the North of The Netherlands I saw this bottle collecting dust on a shelf in a small store with a wide collection of independent bottled whisky. Originally this bottle was around 40-45 euro’s and here it stood for 60,-. In today’s overhyped whisky market that seems a fair (understatement) price. So I couldn’t resist. I have already tasted an other single cask Linkwood from 1990 by van Wees (sherry hogshead bottled at 18YO) which was superb.

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Review 509: Balmenach 1988 26 Year

This is the 10th whisky of the 2nd edition (2016) of the Whisky ProefOlympics (tasting Olympics) a blind tasting competition based in The Netherlands. Yet again a new expression for me. But thats the fun of competitions like this: you get the change to taste something you haven’t had in your glass yet. BTW: I have tasted this blind. Well let’s see how this one performed in my glass.

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Review 473: Strathmill 1990 24 Year

The third dram of our tasting afternoon with the Whiskyclub Groningen we chose a light and fruity line-up on this warm Sunday afternoon.

What they write about it:

The Ultimate Selection is a series of single cask release by the Dutch independent bottler van Wees. All releases are non chill filtered, with no added colour and especially selected by Han and Maurice van Wees….

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